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Up until about 10 minutes from the end, the episode is unconcerned with wacky antics at Henrickson Home Plus or on the Juniper Creek Compound.It’s simply an examination of how the process of bringing another person into a plural marriage can warp and break some and bring spirit to others.Critics of have frequently said the show presents a too idyllic vision of polygamy, but that’s not entirely accurate.

It’s nice to see a musical montage done well in a medium that so often does them poorly.’s halfway point for its second season, “The Dating Game,” written by Doug Jung and directed by Jim Mc Kay, is frustrating first because it’s so good and then because it seems to mire itself in the plotline that’s the least interesting on the show.

Bill’s usually the central character of director Burr Steers, was the first of this season that seemed designed to be almost completely about Bill and his rigid view of both his own microcosm and the world at large.

Sure, there were vital subplots dealing with the show’s teens, and another that put Chloë Sevigny’s Nicki in conflict with a bunch of Catholics, but all of these other plots were built on or centered on Bill in some way.’s fourth episode of its second season, “Rock and a Hard Place,” written by Mimi Friedman and Jeanette Collins, and directed by Adam Davidson, was kind of clumsy in a lot of ways.

She had a recurring role in Big Love as Rhonda Volmer, appearing in a total of 32 episodes.

Christian Bale, playing a serial killer, is on video camera with two prostitutes discussing Phil Collins when things get hairy in American Pyscho - which News of the World called 'the most disgusting movie of the year' Daveigh’s Twitter and Instagram feeds have been rarely used, but she did cause a minor upset in 2014 when she deployed the N-word on both networks.And it’s only fitfully interesting when it focuses on the hardcore polygamists at the Juniper Creek compound (a setting that grew marginally more interesting in season two but still feels like the only thing in HBO history to be in a series thanks to network notes) or the business world of Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton, aging surprisingly quickly in HD), but it comes to life any time it focuses on Bill’s three wives or his teenage children.