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However, Bogart and Guy - who make regular appearances on her social media profiles - are now believed to be headed for Britain, indicating that the next step of her relationship with Harry is imminent.Before that happens, the pair of pooches must have be given several vaccinations and bloodtests, as well as being microchipped.

Among those who could be seen arriving at the event were Kim Kardashian (top right, at the airport), Venus Williams, Beyonce, and the members of New Edition, who will play a five-song set during the reception.

Labourers Simon Baker, 22, and Mikey Coyle, 21, were already there and allegedly murdered Mr Saunders after a brawl around the pumps and in the kiosk area. Although she regarded Diana as hard-working, she doubted if the princess had any real sense of commitment to the institution that had elevated her to public prominence in the first place.

After Diana started appearing on front covers around the globe, she carved out an ever more prominent place for herself within the Royal Family. A suited Mugabe (back centre) was pictured in an arm chair during talks in Harare, Zimbabwe, aimed at forcing the dictator to agree to an 'honorable exit' from his position.

The development came nine days after the college student disappeared.

His father Greg claims his son was being wrongly targeted by police and said he was away working at the time she disappeared.

A traveller who was battered to death with a plasterer's whisk at an M25 service station was a cousin of the men who killed him, a court heard today.