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In fact, people are almost eight times as likely to be injured by their dog than their cat (think dog bites and tripping hazards), so maybe cat people do have a health advantage! In general, we score lower on attachment and affection measures than dog owners.

Is this because we really have a lesser relationship or are the scales flawed?

For example, a large study by Samuel Gosling and colleagues, looking at personality traits and identification as a cat person or a dog person found that only 11.5% of those who participated said they were a cat person (compared to over 45% identifying as a dog person).

Another study of childhood attitudes toward pets showed that fewer subjects loved cats than those who loved dogs, and more people who are considering getting a pet are thinking of adopting a dog than a cat. Much of the psychological literature about personality revolves around a theory called the Five-Factor Model.

It posits that there are five main facets to human personality(Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism).

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An increased liking for the smell of cat urine does not prove that cats are the main cause of toxoplasmosis. People who own pets may be happier to begin with, not because they acquired pets.

Of course, this shortcutting may lead to errors (and even prejudice), but in a world full of endless amounts of information,categorization can at least make things seem more manageable.

From these categories, we believe that we can infer other information about someone, a sort of cognitive shortcutting, so to speak.

Are we quantitatively or qualitatively different from non-cat people?

Are our interactions with our cats somehow unlike the interactions people have with dogs? Let's take a closer look at what the research to date has shown us. First of all, a review of the scientific literature indicates that we are fewer in number than dog people (or at least we are harder to track down for the purposes of research), so we tend to be underrepresented in most research of the human-pet relationship.Dog ownership increases physical activity, but living with cat may have protective effects against allergies and asthma.